Strong backing for agriculture and climate action by the Americas

Through the Home of Sustainable Agriculture in the Americas , IICA, together with its member countries and international partners,will provide strong backing for agriculture in the Americas, demonstrating its resilience to climate change and capacity to share concrete examples to drivemitigation and adaptation in agrifood systems around the world.

At COP27, the Home of Sustainable Agriculture in the Americas will foster dialogue among the main agricultural stakeholders of the Americas, such as Ministers and Secretaries of Agriculture, representatives of the private and academic sectors, producers, climate change specialists, and authorities from other public and private sectors, who will learn about the current state of climate governance in the region and opportunities available to strengthen international climate action.

Under the slogan Feeding the World, Nurturing the Planet, this space will have the following objectives:

• Demonstrate the role of agrifood systems as a catalyst for climate solutions and as a guarantor of global food security.

• Give visibility to the contributions of producers and other sector stakeholders to adaptation and mitigation.

• Raise awareness of challenges faced, proposals developed, and progress achieved by the agriculture sector with respect to climate action.

• Establish partnerships with multiple stakeholders to accelerate and scale up actions, investments and commitments by countries of the Americas to increase the sustainability of agriculture.